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    6 ft. 7 in.
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    Masters Degree
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    Yes, living with me


I suppose this is the most tasking part about creating a profile;Because what am i going to say negative things??? Ermmmm... (i don't think so) so i will tell it how perhaps others see me. I'm sure most people think I multi-task too often,have far to much energy for their liking and am way to spontaneous. I like to keep smiling and believe that no one really wants to hear about our low's, so i try and stay upbeat and move on to the next task and off course stay happy because happiness promotes productivity.

What I am looking for

Well i am looking for a friend first and foremost and if something develops wow what a bonus i would consider myself lucky again and i hope this will be the last. We don't really have much time to find our soulmate (the one person we ever meant to love forever) as life is so short and shorter for some. So i prefer to stay on my own than compromise, but friendships are nice. The kind of man i would like is the kind every woman dreams of in the secret most deepest reaches of her heart. You see there is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who really loves her. Honesty is huge, integrity, loyalty but is anyone perfect certainly not , Some people don't understand (most of us however) that we are like flowers that need to be watered or we will die( thus so will the relationship). To sum i guess you get what you put in most of the time. Does it matter how we met or where we met as long as we did. Hope to find my buddy, someone to hangout with,tease, have pizza with, talk about the weather,play fight ,see a future with.... Someone who will listen (sometimes) and someone i cannot wait to tell my lot to at the end of a day. Someone to love i guess these would just be perfect.