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    5 ft. 2 in.
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    Some College
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    Financial Services
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Ahoy, let's jump off the plank together into the deep blue see and see what other fish are saying...I'll be your Dory if you'll be my Nemo...

I don't take myself to seriously and value friends and family as well as trying to be as thoughtful as I can. I hope my friends think I'm fun to be around, but I know they think I can be a bit of a dafty.

I don't take myself to seriously and have a good sense of humour, have no problems with the mick being taken out of me, oh and there is wide spec for that hahaha. If you can make me laugh then your half way there!

I love my cuddles and kisses but try not to be overbearing with it. If you value your space on the settee you need not apply hahaha.

Perfect night in would be dressed in..........Pjs(dirty birdy) with a bottle of wine and a decent film (no chick flick)

I'm not a moody person and avoid confrontation unless it's defending a friend or family member.

I'm a size 12 and definitely a curvy lady in all departments.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and apparent of how I feel towards a partner.

That's just a little about me and feel free to ask any questions I'm pretty open about things. So if you are interested fire away and if not take care and happy fishing.

All the best in finding what you are looking for.

What I am looking for

Some good company and a load of laughs........A relationship, I'm not up for a casual and one night stand x