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me, well... i am kind and easy going and always have a smile. i have even been told that i sleep with a smile.i am very open and easy to talk to and even a little silly. what is life without laughter? some would call me a little controlling. ok a lot controlling but at least i can admit it.the sun rises and sets around my children. i enjoy spending time with my family and friends. my family is the center of my life. i love endless summer days, warm nights and gentle breezes. thunder and lightning are exhilarating. i live to love and love to live despite what life may throw my way. in a nut shell i do everything with intensity and can be your worst enemy or your best friend, you decide.
Music: i love all kinds of music ie: john legend,nelly, E40, reliant k, limpbizkit,matchbox 20, common, nina simone, etta james, BB King,trisha yearwood, dixie chicks, mariah carey, missy elliot, pink, gwen stefani, light classical,jazz,blues. like i said a little of everything.
TV: i like movies better than tv. when i do get a chance to watch tv i love everything csi, house, er, heros, history channel, bravo, court tv, food tv, king of queens, cosby show, i love lucy, honey mooners, lilo and stitch. yes, i said lilo and stitch. you know u like cartoons too. reality tv, hmmm not so much.
Books: anything intense. HATE ROMANCE NOVELS! FABIO WHO?! YUCK!!
Interests: family,movies, reading, outdoors, cooking, vintage pinup girls, photography,black and white films, true hollywood (pre technicolor), shoes, shoes and more shoes, starbucks or buckthorns,oh and did i mention shoes.
Movies: anything intense i want to feel like i am living the movie, sucker for a chick flick, drama, suspense, scary movies (no not scary movie) always have time for a good comedy. i love old black and white movies. don't make em like they used to.

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